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January 6, 2002

I Was There

I went to MiddleEarth twice in the first three days of Fellowship's release in Australia. The first time I came out and drove home in silence - not wanting any untoward noise to intrude, savouring the sounds, images and feelings stirred. The second time my wife and a friend came and we were able to discuss it on the way home.

The movies were, of course, not the book - no movie can hope to emulate every detail of the book. Some changes I didn't mind whilst some I were disappointed with. But none of them prevented me from being transported to the world of MiddleEarth for 6 hours.

For me the movie was worth the wait. I sat spellbound and awestruck both times, drinking in the world so wonderfully realised by Peter Jackson. I look forward to seeing it again when I return from holidays.

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