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January 8, 2002

It Was Pity That Stayed His Hand
Terry T.

I feel real pity for Rob W. He's obviously being consumed by SOMETHING in his life. Everybody has their own "Ring" to carry and deal with. The important thing, which I personally believe is the major message to humanity (apologies to J.R.R.T.)in the book, and now the film, is that we should rise above the temptation to despair of the problems in our own lives and therefore drop the burden and leave it to someone else to carry, ("Someone should do something about it!"), and confront our fears, because that's the ONLY way to grow. Rob, suspension of disbelief is a capability brought about by the intent to enjoy a positive experience. Film is a sensory experience just like life. try to enjoy both for what they have to offer you, not for what you want FROM them.

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