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January 9, 2002

PJ Muffed the Ending a Bit
David P.

I really disliked how the breaking of the Fellowship was changed in the Film. In the book, the group was torn between Aragorn's desire to continue to Mordor and Boromir's desire to go to Gondor. This conflict was significant on many levels; Aragorn's hesitancy to declare himself, his uncertainty without the leadership of Gandalf, and the rivalry between himself and Boromir, and it was the reason Frodo went off by himself in the first place. What was with him telling Frodo it was OK to go to Mordor by himself?!? In the book, it was only after F&S were gone and the mission of the Fellowship had failed that he decided to chase after M&P. I think that movie removed one of the few times in the book that Aragorn was portrayed with real human emotion and fallibility. Just my $0.02. Still, loved the movie!

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