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January 9, 2002

Weathertop... Why?
Dan H.

Everybody knows that things had to be different from the book. There is no problem with that. But at WeatherTop Frodo HAD to be stabbed with the Mordor knife. I just cannot see any reason for changing what happened in the book. Why have Frodo drop his sword and crawl away when the other Hobbits attack the Nazgul? Why make Frodo a coward at WeatherTop and then take his stand at the river away from him. Giving Arwen the stand by the river would have been fine if WeatherTop had gone right but it didn't. Frodo is established as a coward (he can't stand up to anything) and WHAT will change that? Nothing in the FOTR(Movie). The other hobbits attack at WeatherTop, fight well in Moria, and PRACTICE. Merry and Pippen rush out to lead the Orcs away from Frodo. Sam swims after Frodo, he will follow even if it kills him. What has Frodo confronted? What has Frodo DONE in FOTR(Movie)? For a minute forget the books. Look what they have done to Frodo in the movie. Now think ahead. How are they to save Frodo? I don't believe they will. Sam will carry Frodo as he does in the books but in the movie it will not be because Frodo has nearly reached his end, it will be because Frodo never had it in him to start with. Think of the rest of Frodo's story without establishing his bravery, his strength, his will before Mordor. How will he end? As a HERO in truth or as a HERO in name only with SAM really doing Frodo's work? At the last Frodo will be much less than he was in the books. That is sad and WRONG.

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