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January 19, 2002

Sean Astin: Unsung Hero
M.S. Molla

I was a little disappointed to see that Sean Astin only received less than 2% of the votes as best portrayal of a character in Fellowship. Granted, all of the characters were played extremely well and it was difficult to choose the one actor who had the best portrayal, but Sean deserved better. I think Ian McKlellan (despite his fine performance) got the most votes because Gandalf is simpy a more popular character (Frodo is, in fact, my favorite). However, credit must be given to Sean who captured the faithfulness and pure heart of Sam Gamgee perfectly. I could clearly see the determination on Sam's face to follow his master to the bitter end. I could feel the love in his heart as he sat, soaking wet, in a boat and pledged to never leave Frodo. Not once did I doubt Sam's character, nor were there any flaws in Sean's portrayal of him. His performance brought tears to my eyes, and he deserves better. I, for one, feel that his performance was not only the best portrayal of a character from Fellowship, but the best portrayal of a chracter from any novel.

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