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January 30, 2002

The Obsession Continues
Brett C.

Thanks Lisa C. for replying to my need for more info Aragorn's sword. You're quite right about how it is reforged in the books with the addition of elf runes, but the movie is definitely taking a different tack. The sword Aragron shows the hobbits in Bree is the one I've dubbed his 'travelling sword'. You can see in the scenes at Weathertop against the Ringwraiths it is not broken, and is the same one he carries as a member of the Fellowhip - you can tell because Narsil [the sword that was broken] has a very distinctive hilt and guard. I seem to have been mistaken about the poster though - it is still not Anduril, though I'm fairly sure the armour must be from Rohan for the Helm's Deep battle. So what do you say people - any more info. Please send in if you find anything.

Notes from the 6th viewing -
Legolas walks on top of the snow on Caradhras while the others have to wade through it waist deep. It just never registered before.
The sword salute given by Aragorn before fighting the Uruk-Hai is the same kind used by the Ringwriths on Weathertop; a Numenorean custome?
Arwen's invocation at the ford seems to be in Sindarin, and includes the words 'lasto beth lammen' [hear the words of my tongue] and 'nino' [pronouned neeno, the imperative form of wet, possibly meaning drown]
When Frodo first see's the Eye in Bree, you clearly hear Sauron's words "I see you!"; the other lines seem to be "I/We don't want you - only the Ring!"
Any other items of FOTR trivia people have picked up, I'd love to hear them.

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