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January 23, 2002

Some Comments for Jobu
Jamie B.

First of all, Empire is by far the best star wars movie, and even though jedi had ewoks it made up for it with killer effects.

But that's all beside the point, Return of the King bad? Honestly, dude I don't know what crack you're smokin, but you need to cut back before you do any more long term damage. ROK is an amazing climax for the entire trilogy. Their are all our heros, with the exception of two very importat ones, standing at the gates of doom where they learn that their last hope has fallen. Then as frodo's mail is thrown before their feet they rush into a hopeless battle to enact what little revenge they can hope for. And lets not forget gollums final contribution to the story.

ROK is more than just a battle scene jobu, just as the Two Towers will be. Right now my only forseeable gripe with that movie will be Saruman's death. However, since PJ decided to leave out the scouring of the shire, then I guess I understand, I just hope that grima is the one to push him onto that wheel or whatever it is.

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