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January 21, 2002

The Sword That Was Broken
Lisa C.

It is possible that the poster did show Aragorn wearing Andruil. That is "Narsil" the sword that was broken, which was handed down to Aragorn through many generations. Though, I recall in the FOTR that he was already carrying the sword when he arrived in Rivendell, (he showed Frodo and the Hobbits the blade while they were in Bree), and it was forged anew by the Elvensmiths in Rivendell, during the Council of Elrond. The Elves also added some Elf-Runes, and I think, the White Tree of Gondor with three stars to the haft. Aragorn renames Narsil and calls it Andruil.

Did anyone see the Golden Globe awards last night? I was extremely disapointed that FOTR did not win in any of their catagories. What's up with Sting getting best original score? To me, a song that can be played on the Radio's Top 10
should not even be counted, I think that the Enya sound track was far superior, and probably alot more difficult to devise. Also, I cannot believe that FOTR did not receive Best Picture! Sure, A Beautiful Mind, is a thought-provoking
piece, but will people still watch it ten years from now? Also, I would like to think that a Movie which covers territory that has never really been done seriously, (Elves, Dwarves, Magic, and Adventure) would be much more difficult to come together as a visual showcase, than something takes place in the modern world.Let's hope FOTR does better at the Oscars!

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