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January 21, 2002

Some Interesting Comparisons

I've seen FOTR twice now, and I thought it was fantastic. However, I can see this trilogy 'degenerate' the way the original Star Wars trilogy did... The first movie was great, setting the tone and developing the characters and presenting an interesting self-contained story. The last two movies were nothing more than 'the further adventures of Luke, Han and Leia', with a few ewoks thrown in to demean us all. In fact, the similarities between LOTR and the Star Wars trilogy are striking:
Luke=Frodo Ben Kenobi=Gandalf Han Solo=Aragorn Leia=Arwen Emperor=Sauron Darth Vader=Saruman the force=the ring, etc, etc

Lucas obviously read LOTR before he made his movies.

One final thought, Return of the King is a pretty bad book on its own. Sure there's a big battle scene. I just hope PJ injects some story into it so that it doesn't turn into another 'Return of the Jedi"...

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