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January 19, 2002

Sword Watch
Brett C.

This is not so much an essay as a plea. I saw FOTR last night [5th time] and noticed coming out that in one of the posters and the big 3D standup Aragorn is wearing chainmail. Intrigued I looked closer and it seemed his sword is NOT the one from Fellowship but may in fact be Anduril. If there is anybody out there who has more info on the Anduril storyline for the upcoming movies, or has found a site with pictures [I'm guessing the armour is from Rohan that Aragorn wears at Helm's Deep] please let me know.

Just as an aside, new things I picked up from the last viewing were...

-the bow Legolas uses in the last battle is not the one he has in Moria, but the one given to him in the deleted Lorien scene [I suppose]

-when fighting the Balrog Gandalf creates a shield of light with his staff to break the demon's flame sword. The force of the blast expends the lights power. In the past I was too busy checking out the Balrog to notice.

-Boromir's name is not mentioned until Frodo trips and falls in the snow [just an observation, not a criticism]. When the group finds Balin's tomb in Moria he is the one who consoles Gimli with his hand on the Dwarf's shoulder. He also accounts for 10 Uruk's on-screen in the last fight, and is still BRILLIANTLY played by Sean Bean.

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