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January 3, 2003

Jackson's Folly

Just saw TTT. Nice movie, could have been much better. Superfulous nonsense was introduced at the expense of important scenes from the book. For starters, there was no reason to change Pippen and Merry's escape. Jackson profoundly altered the relationship between the two Hobbits and Treebeard. This didn't contribute to the flow of the movie or to tighten up the storyline. Even worse was the change in the number of Rohirrim who held Helm's Deep, who were then reinforced by the elves. Not in the book, and no reason to make the change. This detracted from the story, and violated the spirit of the books. Why Jackson? Also changing the scenario with respect to Frodo and Faramir seriously underminds the contrast Tolkien had established between Faramir and Boromir. Worst of all of Jackson's changes was Frodo revealing himself to the winged wraith. This is not in the book and would never be because it doesn't make any sense. If Frodo had revealed himself to a wraith and attempted to give up the ring, they would never have made it to Mount Doom. Jackson has done a great job of recreating middle earth, and it is a shame that these changes were made.

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