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January 3, 2003

Hello Roxy
Brett C.

Was interested in your article about criticism of the movie. Yes, we Tolkien-nuts can be pretty maniacal can't we. And yes, I do have life; it's what I do to earn money to pay for my Tolkien-addiction.

Hopefully the Extended DVD [three and a half hours in one sitting, did occasionally have to make pit stops but that's what the pause control is for] made a lot of people happy; I actually like both versions, and really prefer the theatre release intro to the Shire to the monolgue by Bilbo. But yes, three and a half hours is a long time - I have only watched the new eralease once so far, and will not watch it again now until the night before the TTT release, which is starting Dec 26 here in Australia.

But even so, I think since anybody who has seen the movie has an opinion, it's okay to share those opinions in a constructive and mature way. And I know you agree with that philosophy, because you say so in your posting. And after all, if someone didn't want to share their ideas about the movie, why would they be in the discussion forum of this website? It would be a bit dull if we all sat here at our keyboards tapping in how much we loved the movie, how everything was perfect and all agreeing with each other. Personally, I've never been afraid to speak out in the minority; just look at that whole discussion about whether the, I won't go there.

But guys and girls, whether you loved something or sat there and thought 'Ye god's, that is totally against the idea Tolkien had when he wrote it!' it's okay to say so. We'll listen and we might agree and say why and we might disagree and say why. But it's okay to say so. Because that's your opinion.

Tolkien-hater? Is there such a thing?

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