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January 3, 2003

In Response to Roxy M.
Mithril Miner

I understand where you are coming from, and I myself have wondered at a few of the comments made on this sight about superfluos subjects...


The people that debate on this sight are merely doing so to a) understand the movie better, b) discuss their opinions of the movie, c) how the movie coincides with the book, and d) the book itself.

I, for one, know full well how hard it is to make a film from a book, to write the screenplay that will appease not only regular movie goers but 'die-hard tolkien fans.'

The reason for conflict to solve either a problem, improve your own ideas, or just have fun expressing your ideas. Some of us don't have any other Tolkien fans to talk and debate with (try talking to some of my friends and co-workers about a book, it's ludicrus to even attemot it!)and simply enjoy talking with people who eiter know the books as much as you do, or more than you do, or answering questions to others Debating some of the mistakes made in the movie, and asking questions about the movie are merely ways to improve our own ideas, or resolve a conflict (there have been a few!) We are not bashing the movie unmercilessly with malignant vigilance, catching every single thing wrong, however we do debate some of the movie's themes and events, and, in some cases, its conflicts with the book. Some of us enjoyed reading about Tom Bombadail. Admittidly he would not work in the film, but it is still fun to talk about it.

I would like to take this opportunity to say;

As to

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