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January 4, 2003

Been a While, But...

Saw TT last night and though it's been quite a while since I read the Trilogy, it seems to me that they've done a fine job. I thought they were going to stray a bit to get a younger audience and make it silly (like Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars) but they didn't. In fact I wonder how this will be perceived by non-readers with so much attention to war?
A couple of small observations. I thought the treatment of Gimli was a bit ludicrous. He almost was cartoon-like. Maybe this was a stretch to relieve the atrocities of the Helm's Deep action, but I remember Gimli as much more serious. One more observation. Although the voice and animation of Gollum was splendid, I couldn't help thinking of Peter Lorre every time they went close-up on his face.
All in all, I was pleased and like most of you, can't wait for The Return Of The King
One last BIG complaint to AMC. This was a very long movie (that's fine). To submit us to a half-hour of commercials and coming attractions before the start was rediculous. Many there had work or school the next day. An 8:00pm start should start at 8:00pm!

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