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January 6, 2003

Deleted Two Towers Scenes

Indeed Two Towers is finally here. Of course we all know that Peter Jackson had to edit out things to fit the three hour running time. Here are some of the things I've noticed that are cut out. First of all, Peter Jackson has told us of the scene where Merry and Pippin drink Ent draught, so thats one for sure. Another thing I've noticed is that in the 10 minute preview on the FOTR Dvd, there was a shot of Eowyn hiding behind a wall raising a sword as we pan from an orc that looks like he's searching for something. I'm not sure about the location, but the wall looks kind of strange.
Helm's Deep will surely be extended, as the shot where Legolas draws the long knives from his back and flips them forward, so there is obviously a whole part where he uses those.
The shot that opened the teaser trailer, when we see Eowyn standing in front of the golden hall and we move backward to see all of Edoras. That wasn't in the movie, so that is possibly a part of a scene to added or extended.
In the preview that was attached to the end of Fellowship in the theatres featured a conversation between Gandalf and Aragorn at night, when they look like they're both looking off at something. "There is a union now, between the Two Towers." and in the preview on the Dvd, there was more of this conversation, "Rohan is weak, and ready to fall. So he will strike hard and fast in the world of men. War is upon us." This was not in the movie at all, so theres another scene that we can hopefully look forward to on the extended dvd.
So there are all the scenes that I can find that weren't in the theatrical version of the Two Towers. If you can find anymore, post them up.

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