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January 9, 2003

How Big Where Those Oliphaunts Really?

Now we all know that the Lord Of The Rings was supposed to be written by those who took part in the tales (called the westmarch or something; forgive me i haven't read them for years!), and everything thats writen in the book is as desribed by the onlookers. So in the case of the towering Oliphuants could the little hobbits have seen them from a much shorter perspective thus describing them to be much bigger than they are? I haven't got the source material to hand so maybe whats desribed in the books works out fine but these Oliphuants could in fact just be normal sized ELEPHANTS? In the fantastic Two Towers movie the Oliphuants are gigantic creatures that are at least 5 times as big as an elephant. Not that i'm being picky or i'm fussed about such details i'm just mentioning it because as legends and myths so often do, their stories and tales are more farfetched and than the actual truth....not that the Lord Of The Rings is based on truth!

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