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January 9, 2003

Followup to Two Towers Deleted Scenes

I already wrote an essay on the deleted scenes I've noticed for the Two Towers. However, I have found more.
On the 10 min. preview on the Dvd, there are glimpses of scenes where there are houses and towns burning in Rohan. One shot we see very large flames flying off of a burning building, and we pan down to see an orc or man holding up an axe in triumph. In another shot towards the end of the preview, we are up in the air looking down on a burning building with the flames kind of blowing towards us, as we see people running around on the ground. This is obviously part of a scene that we don't see in the thearical movie.
Another is in the preview that was attached to the Fellowship in the theatres, which is also a hidden feature on the extended Fellowship dvd. It featured a scene where we see Saruman sitting at his desk in Orthanc and saying, "So Gandalf Greyhame thinks he's found the lost king of Gondor. It matters not. The World of Men shall fall. (and we then see some more of that village burning scene). This disappointed me in the theatre, as I felt that Saruman isn't in Two Towers enough. This is scene that I really hope is in the extended version of Two Towers. Also I don't recall seeing that shot of Saruman with the Palantir as we see him with his hand over it and the eye Sauron inside it, and we move away and upward. This was in the theatrical trailer.
In the theatrical trailer, close to the end, we hear Arwen say the line, "You have the gift of foresight. Tell me what you have seen!" as she runs towards a building in Rivendell, looking up. These lines and shots were not in the movie, and are probably part of a scene in Rivendell that we didn't see.
Well thats all for now. If I see more, I'll post em up!

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