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January 9, 2003

Fararmir Shows His Quality?

Maybe it is too soon yet, but, I found the portrayal of Faramir in TTT very sad. Having shown in the first segment that Boromir could not withstand the draw of the ring but died trying to save Pippin and Merry, somewhat redeeming himself, Peter abd the gang prtray Faramir as being seduced too. JRR showed him a a completely different light than Boromir: as having the blood of Numenor running more true in his veins. Why?? Why bring the hobbits to Osgiliath? It even appeared as if they were on the west side of the river Anduin! Loved the sequences with Gollum, though, although several great lines from the books were said by people other than the ones Tolkien had state them. My big beef though is with the Faramir thing. Sheesh!!

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