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January 12, 2003

Woses Or Dunlendings?

While Christmas shopping recently I was looking at books and picked up on of People of Middle Earth or some such title. It is the second from the same people, the first being about Beast of Middle Earth. In there they showed Saruman riling up the men west of Isengard so they would help in his war against Rohan and it called them the Woses. Sorry folks, but the Woses were allies. It was none other than they who helped Rohan get to Minas Tirith, past the Orc host that was already encamped upon the road. It was the men of Dunland Saruman persuaded, the Dunlendings! Funny to see such mistakes in print. If i was going to publish something, I would try REAL hard to get the facts straight. Since I am not in publishing, I can be excused if I am wrong:too much of this sort of sloppinness in the media and writing today. Agree or disagree??

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