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January 12, 2003

Thoughts on TTT
Curious George

After seeing this amazing film, the only change I truely disagree with was how Treebeard only wanted to raid Isengard after he actually saw all the chopped down trees. As I remember it, not only did he know about the chopped down trees from the beginning, he and the ents had decided to take out Saruman during the Entmoot. I though this change had lessened Treebeard's nobility and wisdom, the fact that he would only help when it became personal.

Everything else was great. I thought Theodon was awesome, and Eowyn, and Wormtoungue. I especially liked the scene at Theodon's son's grave - very touching. Not enough Gandalf in this movie however. Too bad the Voice of Saruman wasn't in the film. I also wanted to see Pippin look into the Palantir... Hopefully next time.

BTW, Does anybody know if the 'Paths of the Dead' will be in ROTK? I'm trying to stay away from the spoiler reports from now on...(we'll see how long that lasts)

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