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January 12, 2003

Re: Gil-galad in the Movie?

In response to the question on Gil-galad being in the movie he is in two places. He is in fact shown at the beginning of the movie where three elves are shown receiving the rings of power Narya, Vilya and Nenya. The three elves shown are Gil-galad receiving Vilya (which was later given to Elrond), Cirdan receiving Narya (which was later given to Gandalf) and Galadriel receiving Nenya. The dark haired male elf is Gil-galad and the older looking elf is Cirdan. The second place he shows up (briefly) is in the battle scene at Dagorlad. He is holding his spear Aeglos and standing at the ready. I believe that he is shown before the actual battle begins.

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