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January 12, 2003

Blade of Aragorn
Faramir the Brave

First of all even though Faramir's character was thoroughly ruined in The Two Towers I still hold his character in esteem from the book so I will continue to use this a my screen name. I wanted to share a little of my displeasure in the Anduril category. After ForR I was a little unhappy that Aragron did not use the "Flame of the West". But I was shocked when he did not use it in TTT. Why in the world are they holding that back? I considered it a main part of the respect given Aragorn from his Rohirrim allies. The orcs were also mortally afraid of Anduril and Aragorn and this gave the defenders a large edge at Helm's Deep. They have depicted Aragorn in the wrong way with this thing with his sword and taking his title as Heir of Elendil. I know it will be in Return of the King but I am pretty annoyed that they have left it out this long. Anyone else share my views?

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