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January 13, 2003

The Forces at the Deep
Brett C.

Kevan, I'm sure by the time I'm writing this,others will have posted articles, but here goes anyway.

1000 Rohirrim of the Westfold under the command of Gamling the Old [in the movie the man who kits Theoden in his armour].

1000+ Rohirrim of Edoras, the host of the Eorlingas, led by Theoden and Eomer.

[At dawn after Theoden's charge] 1000 Rohirrim of Westfold on foot, led by their Captain Erkenbrand of Westfold [not in movie], one of the Marshals of the Mark, and possibly Grimbold [not in the movie], and Gandalf the White.

1 Elf [Legolas] and 1 Dwarf [Gimli]

Refugees of the Westfod, but none from Edoras, these having been led south-east by Eowyn to the mountain vale of Dunharrow.

10 000 Orcs and Uruk-hai [approx.] of the White Hand, captain unknown.

An undisclosed number of Dunlanding wild men, who led the assault on the gates of the Hornburg, captain unknown.

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