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January 14, 2003

Both Seen and Unseen
Brett C.

Well, of course I've seen TTT now and I found my reaction very similar to FOTR; that is, the first time I enjoyed it but found myself wrestling with all the 'artisitic changes', but subsequent viewings allowed me to relax into and enjoy the film.

Have to say, never actually felt sorry for Smeagol before, but the movie does a great job of portraying his wretched state. I think he steals the movie; I'm a little embaressed to admit after the first watching the part I enjoyed most is his conversation with Gollum [no, that's not a typo if you haven't seen the film or read the books]. Tribute to great effects, great direction and a great author.

A few little somethings to look forward to - all the bits we saw in previews, such as on the extended DVD, that did NOT make there way into the cinema release. Such as...

1. Gandalf talking to Aragorn about how Sauron fears what Aragorn could become.

2. Saruman talking to Grima regarding Gandalf having found the heir of Isildur.

3. Eowyn using her sword to strike an Uruk as he comes around a corner [looks like might be in the caves of Aglarond at Helm's Deep]

4. Arwen in her over the shoulder look dress from the movie poster, actually seems to be riding a horse in the full pic. [from the Photo Guide]

5. The flashback scene to Smeagol and Deagol boating on the river. [from Photo Guide]

6. Frodo and Sam escaping Osgiliath through the sewers beneath the city. [from Photo Guide]

How long until the Extended Release of The Two Towers? [sigh]

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