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January 2, 2004

Urgency, Corsairs, and Heroic Hobbits

I REALLY loved the Return of the King movie, it was incredible. Just stating that fact before I go on.
It was an awesome, indescribable film, but after I saw it, I realized they could have done so much more--just by changing certain things, not adding things left out. Before the battle of the Pelennor Fields I just didn't get that sense of urgency or that the men of Gondor were essentially screwed, like I did during the battle of Helm's Deep, for example. I know there could have been some way to make the audience feel like this was it, it could end here. Of course, I loved the actual battle and i thought the Ride of the Rohirrim was cool (they just FLATTENED the orcs, it was awesome).
The other main thing I think was much better in the books was Aragorn's return in the corsair ships. In the book, the reader is all built up and on edge and actually scared since the orcs are about to take Minas Tirith, when all of a sudden they look up and see black sails. Black sails, bad-guy reinforcements, so now they are absolutely screwed, done for, caput. And suddenly the black banner of the king of Gondor unfurls and they realize hope has returned. That was one of my favorite scenes by Tolkien, and I truly hated how the moviemakers did Aragorn's re-entrance with the dead army from the orcs' point of view in Osgiliath. It made it predictable and less surprising. They probably didnt want to stick in a scene about the banner, but all they needed to do was show that the symbols stood for the King of Gondor. Oh well, it was done well really, just not the same, not the best. :)
Oh, and I loved the Hobbits, most expecially Merry and Pippin, and I'll admit I cried when everyone of Gondor (and Middle-earth I guess) bowed to them at Aragorn's crowning. Very cool. If it had just been for Frodo, I probably wouldn't have reacted like that, but they bowed to Merry, and Sam, and little Pippin...and i just loved it, sry.
But anyway, I've written too much now--I just had to share those few main thoughts. And if Return of the King doesn't win the Best Picture Oscar the Academy will regret it, LOL!

~Pointy Ears~

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