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January 2, 2004

Melkor Has It Right

Just read the articles against Melkors view of ROTK. Sadly i`m with Melkor on this.With the first two films there were things i didn`t like that had been alterd from the book but after seeing both films i could not wait to go again.
I wanted to see them again,they were good films.
ROTK feels to me that it was rushed by some one who has been working on it for a long time and is fed up and wants to do some thing else.Ifeel sure that if PJ looks at this again in a couple of years time he will feel ashamed. For example,the scene where Fodo sends Sam away.Who dreamed that one up? Sam is supposed to go home, all the way from the edge of Mordor,back to the Shire? thats stupid and amaturish.
I really hope the extended DVD will be better but with out a major re-edit i think too much damage has been done.

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