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January 2, 2004

Well, I'm Back

I have finally seen ROTK. I'm still trying to let it sink in. Some things really jumped out at me, so

please allow me to ramble for a bit:

Frodo sending Sam home was, um, interesting. I think that it was unnecessary, but Sam showing up just in time to rescue Frodo was definetly cool.
For a dark, "end of the world", war movie, it seemed to have too many funny parts. Mainly Gimli. Though I did like the part about the mumakil - "That still only counts as one!" - sometimes it was just too much.
Gandalf talking to Pippin about death was wow. I loved it. Just loved it. It was like, for this one moment, they were on the same level - the great white wizard and this little "Fool of a Took". It wasn't that Gandalf "came down" to Pippin's level, it was that Pippin "rose" to Gandalf's level. Plus, it was great to work in more of those lines from Tom Bombadil.
Frodo nearly falling into the fire: What was up with that? It totally took away from what should have been a huge climax with Gollum falling.
Pippin singing was awesome. The song captured everything about that battle, especially with Faramir's suicide mission. It was just perfect.

Oh there's a lot more I could talk about, but I'll leave it for now (until I see it again).

Peace and love

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