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January 3, 2004

Danny, PJ and Legolas Mounting the Horse

Danny you are right those were quiet moments but how long were they? Like 30 seconds or a minute at most? ahh now you understand?

How long were the endless battle scenes?

How long did we have to watch Legolas climb up that Mumakil?

Thatís what frustrated me so much, the fact that the battle scenes were way long than the character scenes.

I used that line from Gandalf on purpose I know it was in the movie but that was one of my examples. That little line and the dialogue that followed, maybe a minute in total was the substitute for all the time Pippin spent with Beregond and his son. That happens way too often, they place a heroic speech where longer development sequence are and take all the story out of the movie.

Do anyone else every question whether PJ has actually read the books? In TTT EE the scene where it shows Boromir riding away after to Rivendell after recapturing Osgiliath PJ says "now Boromir is leaving for his five day journey to Rivendell" without a trace of sarcasm, did he actually think that? Cause let me tell you...

Finally does anyone else think that the scene in TTT when Legolas jumps onto his horse is a tribute to the great leap that was basically the same thing but a different character in Unfinished Tales?

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