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January 3, 2004

Reply to -, and a Question

In responce to - about the horses at the Black Gate.... thats a really good question. They just kind of dissapear. I soppose PJ messed up by mistake.

I have a question. I think this question may have been asked and I may have totally missed this in the book but...... when you go to the Grey Havens, can you come back? I would think you could because at the Council of Elrong (CoE) ((in the books)) there was an elf from the Greay Havens that came for the CoE. And they even thought of sending the Ring to the Havens. So can you or can't you?

One more thing. I don't really like how Theoden was portrayed in TTT. (I know this is totally random) but I think he was semi redeemed in ROTK. He was redeemed right when he started that incredible speech right before the Pellanor Feilds!!!! WOW!!!!

I know this has been conplained to death and I forgot to mention this a while back but I did not like it when Frodo sent Sam home. Like someone said that was totally not like Frodo and he was not so fooled by Gollum that he would believe a lie that big. PLEASE! And someone else said that it was a ridicluous demand. That true! "Uh Sam, I know we are right by Minis Morgul and there are tons of Orcs and scary stuff like that and it would take you weeks and weeks but GO HOME! I hate you!" WHATEVER!!!! Bad Frodo. But.....
Frodo STILL Lives Forever

PS. Thank you for baring through another long article of mine!!! You guys ROCK!!!! :-)

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