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January 3, 2004

To Address a Few Things

Ok, here I am again with what will hopefully be a post relevant to the rest of you.

I was thinking about Everett's question, in regard to who is stronger - the Witch King or the Balrog of Moria - and I think my personal answer would have to be that the Balrog is stronger. Generally I am quite sure they are - and it was always known that the Balrogs were the most fiercesome of Morgoth's creations - they were also the only force that could drive back Ungoliant, even after the power of the Valar failed to. They are also a race far older than the Nazgul, so therefore I would have to conclude that Balrogs are the stronger race. I hope that answers your question adequately.

Also, to whoever noticed the use of Arwen and Elrond's scene from RotK in an earlier trailer for TTT, I don't know if that was a mistake or not - they seem to have done that a few times with other scenes (none spring to mind at the moment for justification of this, you will just have to trust me : )) in their advertising.

And now a chance to ask a question of my own - this will be in regard to something in TTT, and another query that has to do with horses, so please bear with me. Ok, in all the scenes leading up to the attack from the Wargs, Theoden is clearly riding Snowmane, but later as they arrive at Helms Deep, and later when they ride out against the Uruk Hai, he is riding a random bay horse. Now, we all know that Snowmane was not injured, and that Theoden as King would surely ride his Meara, and he does so throughout Rotk, so is this just a big continuity mistake?

Lastly, I would like to thank Bob Praz for your response. Its very exciting to have someone notice what you have said, LOL, and I will say that I am a girl, not a him, and my name is Bec. I find your posts to be very interesting, as you obviously are very learned in all things Tolkien, and I like to think I am also. So THANKYOU again. : )


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