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January 5, 2004

Hi Peoples!

Hi peoples! This is my first article, so I'm just going to say what I thought of ROTK.

First of all, I absolutly LOVED the movie!! I think it was the best one out of all three, but that's just my opinion. My favorite scene was Mt. Doom. OK, that's more than one scene, but I liked it all. I especially liked the part where Frodo couldn't stand because the ring was so heavy, but he still kept going. I was scared that they would leave that part out.

I even liked the part where Frodo pushed Gollum into the Crack of Doom. I know everyone is all upset about that, but I think that it was the best way to do it after the Osgiliath scene in TTT. They made Frodo look evil with the trying-to-give-the-ring-to-a-wraith thing, and then they made him look like a jerk with the threatening-Sam-with-his-sword-thing (and the sending-Sam-away thing). Plus, they made him look like a wimp with the crawling-into-a-corner-while-a-wraith-tries-to stab-him thing in FOTR.
So everyone thought that Frodo was the wimpy, evil, jerk hobbit dude.

Now everyone knows he's the hero.

If PJ hadn't messed up his character in the first place he wouldn't have to do that, but he did and nobody can change that now.

Plus, the part where Frodo's hanging on to the edge and Sam was yelling "Don't you let go!" and Frodo didn't let go showed that Frodo DID let go of the ring, and he was really Frodo again.

The only part of the movie that really bothered
me was the part where Frodo sends Sam away. It was the wimpy, evil, jerk hobbit dude all over again. Other than that I thought the movie was great and I can't wait for the EE!

Sorry this was so long.

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