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January 5, 2004

I Hate Tittles

I cannot never, ever figure out what to call anything, it is the one thing my editor hates: that I send him stories with no tittles. I am glad that I am back in the sunshine, I went to Rexburg, Idaho for Christmas and it was cold, the high was 25 degrees and the snow, UGH! But to LOTRs.
Pippin: with Wormtongue's crying there, I think, are two reasons why. First Wormtongue has reliazed that he is responsable for the destruction of Middle Earth and is regretting it. Unlikely, but possible. Second that he thinks he has joined the winning side. I think the tear was an excellant choice for the actor to make, it adds to the character.
Melkor and all those who did not like ROTK: I disagree, but I am not going to try to change your mind. But not many movies try to do what LOTRs has done, the only one I can think of that spends more time on character development is a war movie. Gettisburg and Gods and Generals. Espeically Gods and Generals. It spends time to develop Stonewall Jackson and many of the other generals, it even spends time with a little, I think she is 7 or 8 that Jackson got to know during the first winter of the Civil War. It spends time with Jackson and his wife, Jackson and God, Chamberlain and many others. Because of the depth of time spent on the characters, the third will not be made, sad really. The public did not really like it since it moved slowly making sure you knew the characters. Excluding those afore mentioned I cannot think of any other movie that spends the time Peter Jackson did on the character development and story line. I am sorry that the experience for you was not as enjoyable as the rest of us who liked the movie.
I have read most of the posts that I missed during the break and my freezing but I disagree. True Frodo did not send Sam away in the book, but it did not bother me. I liked it, I thought it added more to the seriousness of the problem of the Ring. I cried.
I know it was serious, but I liked the humor thrown in. Not even tradgeys(protagainist fails) are all gloom and doom and LOTR is not a tradgey it is a comedy(protagainist succeeds).
I absolutley loved LOTR, my only problems as a Book fan are the changes to Faramir's and the Ent's character, those had no real purpose that I could see, the rest had reasons and it worked.
I think my favorite scene was...........Sam and the rest of the hobbits in the inn and Sam looking at Rosie and then going to kiss her. The look on the hobbit's faces were wonderful. Or the strawberry talk, or amybe all of it.
Sorry, I had lots to say.
Orangeblossom Sandybenks of Frogmorton

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