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January 5, 2004

A Few Things

I was just looking over old posts (I've been gone quite a while) and saw a very interesting question from Pippen. It is about Wormtongue crying... when you're up at high, cold, and dry altitudes, your eyes get a bit watery, and it was windy out there on Orthanc...his eyes must have been really watery and dry...I'm just kidding. I think perhaps that maybe (again I repeat the maybe) he was feeling some regret for betraying his race, maybe. That was my feeling.
Also, page 16 in the Del Rey version of RotK, towards the end of the page, in the first chapter,Gandalf tells Denethor that he too is a steward. I have found no answer myself that seems fitting for what he is steward of and who he is filling in for. Anybody have an answer? Thanks!

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