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January 5, 2004

Just to Add a Few More Points of View...

I hope to keep this brief. I mean, I really hope to : )

OK, well after reading the review by N/A, I think for me personally there was one very good point - about the dialogue between Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, and the feeling that they are only mere sidekicks. In parts, I will agree, although I thought Legolas was a little redeemed and places, especially at the coronation of the King.

In response to the post by Bynx, your right the acting is amazing - and I think the performance given by Elijah Wood was the best, even though Frodo is not my favourite character. As someone has mentioned prior, his speech to Sam about being able to see Sauron with his waking eyes really brought home to me all the torment he was suffering. Ah, wonderful.

To Strider about if Thengel is really Eowyn's grandfather - yes, he still is, because he was still the father of her mother Theodwyn, Theoden's sister.

To address Pip and others, I also think that the Mouth of Sauron (although terribly nasty LOL) was an important character, and one I most definetely missed seeing in this first and unextended release.

And lastly, to again raise the point of "what happened to their horses at the Black Gates of Mordor etc etc" hehe, I mean really, WHY would Shadowfax leave Gandalf in the midst of battle? Would'nt it be more to ones advantage to be on horseback as we have seen in all the previous battles? The book mentions nothing of them sending away their horses. Did Gandalf stop and say 'now, dear Shadowfax, go and home and leave me here, surrounded by orcs and about to die'. Its abit like the Frodo telling dear Sam to leave - sorry, I am just being annoyed, I know there really isn't a comparison between those two. hehe. enough now.
Until later,

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