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January 7, 2004

To Took

"To Eioul: Are you a Christian? You keep saying that LOTR is a Christian book, but you aren't acting like a Christian at all"[sic].

Where exactly did I say that LOTR is a Christian book? Lannor argued that the late professor did not claimed LOTR to be a Christian book. Some of the posters corrected Lannor based on material evidence, namely his letters, that the late professor did claim that LOTR is "chiefly a religious and Catholic work." I merely affirmed their correction, because indeed it's true. But I never said LOTR was a Christian book. All you can attribute to me was that I said that the late professor said LOTR is a Christian book. Now, which part of "I said" did you not understand?

Now what does this have to do with religion? Religion is not my point here but facts. Lannor appears to be ignorant or negligent of the contents of the late professor's letters so the other posters and I pointed it out for him.

I will not answer your question whether I'm Christian or not here in this forum, because this is not about Tolkien or anything about him.

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