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January 7, 2004

Another Question

To Orangeblossom, I agree about not liking titles.

Firstly, I just want to address Took about the Gollum-Frodo-Cracks of Doom scene that you mentioned. I was actually under the impression that Gollum fell in not because Frodo was wanting to destroy the Ring, but because he wanted the Ring back and they both ended up over the edge.

In reply to a post by Ashleigh, about Gandalf saying he was also a Steward, I totally agree with Lady and Rivendell and Jarrickon Half-elven. Those are exactly my thoughts on the meaning of his words.

To jzombiemaster, I read in the paper that PJ and Ian McKellan are trying to buy the rights to "the Hobbit" so I am quite sure they already want to make it.

Idril, I thought your post was very amusing. One time when I was watching FOTR with a friend, she thought that Gandalf was starved and actually trying to eat the little moth.

Now, my question: Why is Tuor allowed to sail into the West with Idril? Is it because of the deeds he performed, or the deeds of Ešrendil?

And also, is the sword Glamdring used by Turgon the same Glamdring that Gandalf later acquires during the Quest of the Lonely Mountain?

Thats it for the moment. Thanks!

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