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January 8, 2004

RotK Thoughts

First, I liked the ROTK movie, but was disappointed with it. I felt there were some changes made that really didn't help move the plot along and took away some of the magic that the books have. When I left TTT, I wanted to buy more tickets and see it again. With ROTK, my thoughts were 'it's nice, but...'

I've been reading the posts and no one has mentioned anything about Eowyn becoming the leader of Rohan, after Theoden dies. I've seen the film twice and both times I've heard Theoden tell Eowyn that she is to take the crown if he should die. What happened to Eomer getting the crown?

My other thought is with the Witch King. He's suppose to be this big, terrible being that brings so much fear to the world. But his death was just pathetic...the Wizard of Oz melting thing was almost comical. The book describes his death as kind of a mushrooming into the sky; clouds parting, and sunlight coming through. Eowyn and Merry's fight with him was very significant and the movie hardly showed the severity of it, and what each of them sacrificed. It even shows Merry going back out on the battlefield like nothing had happened.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Sorry for the long post.

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