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January 3, 2005

Sorry, should have mentioned it...

I know you love to play the Devils advocate. No, I do not think that you truley believe everything you type. I really should have mentioned it earlier, but, I love debate. My fathers side loves to start arguments and my mothers side loves to finish them. Thus, it is in my nature to start and finish every debate. Sorry, should have warned you!
And I agree, Thingol and Elrond do have a tiny superiority complex, but only about their daughters. If you noticed, Elrond was much more ready to have Dwarves stay in Rivendell than Haldir was to have Gimli come to Lothlorien.
Oh, I am going to refuse to continue debating you on the tree burning thing because, one, the Numenorians did destroy a big chunk of forests and two, They built ships in Numenor not really middle Earth. If anything Numenor was really Middle earth. I mean, it was between Hither Shores and Valinor.
Oh, and dictators don't have to be evil, they just usually are. Absolute power corrups absolutely.
And I think that orc of elf killing elf is wrong. There you go. See you later!
-Faerlas Elwind etc. and so on.
ps. Why did you tell me you were in in Donegal, Rep of Ireland. Am I suppose to know about that...? and What does "Tir Chonnail Abu" mean?

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