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January 4, 2005

The Way Of Things...

Happy New Year one and all!
Faerlas, I never said that Orc killing an Elf was not a bad thing (Hmmm but thats a different arguement hehe), just that an Elf killing an Elf was worse. Greater evil was done. The killer has been sullied with the death of the elf, which in itself is an evil. An evil being commiting evil deeds is not sullied by them. There is no good in them to be sullied. Which is why I said an Elf killing an Elf was a greater evil to an Orc killing an Elf. With that in mind, only the "goodguys" are capable of the greatest evil.
Indeed only those with freewill are capable of choosing between good and evil. It is in an Orcs nature to commit evil deeds, doing good deeds is beyond them (like me trying to fly by flapping my arms, I tried, cant be done). If they have no choice but to do evil deeds, they cannot be held responsible for these deeds, and therefore they themselves cannot be evil. They might commit evil DEEDS but orcs (et al) are not themselves evil as they have no choice.
This whole thing can be linked to the fallacy of Fate. Fate - All things predermined by God. ALL THINGS! Good and EVIL. If Fate is real, we are just like characters in a book, we have no free will, playing the part written by the author, God. If a character murders another, the character has no choice but to murder them. Who then is responsible for the Murder?! the Character or the Author?... the Author is.
With Free will there is no Fate, God leaves it up to us, we choose what happens, we bear the blame or get the credit.

Chopping forests... Numenoreans came to Middle-Earth as helpers but fell from the light and became the Masters of the locals, building strongholds, harbours and chopping down the woods for shipbuilding. In this they did what Britain did in Ireland, cleared the forests for her Navy (also to remove cover for rebels etc).

Why did I mention where I was from? Because in an earlier post you said if I was from a northern state in regards to forest fires. Tir Chonnail Abu! - Tir Chonnail, The Land of the O'Connells, an old name for Donegal (Dun na nGall, Fort of the Gallowglasses/Foreigners. Gallowglasses- Scottish Mercenaries)
Abu - forever!
Tir Chonnail Abu! - Donegal Forever, or Up Donegal! You get the idea.

Anyways better head off again and do a little work. See you all later :) Ash Nazg...

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