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January 6, 2005

Back again

I was avoiding the forum until I could see the RotK EE in full. I really liked it!

But...I agree with what everyone has said about the Palantir. It looked to me like Aragorn just walked up to it sitting there, and that looked a bit sketchy to me. I REALLY didn't like all that crap with the Evenstar breaking. It did make Aragorn seem weak, and you almost wonder why Sauron would even bother getting worried about this guy?

One thing that bothered me with the whole Saruman deal was that in the books his words began to enchant those listening and they were sympathizing with him...right? but in the movies they didn't really seem to care about whatever he was saying. His whole "silver tongue" stuff didn't seem so dangerous...I don't know, maybe I'm remembering wrong.

I liked the Houses of Healing stuff, but I felt like they didn't do enough to show Aragorn healing Eowyn, or enough to develop the relationship between Faramir and Eowyn. It was MUCH better, though.

Was Merry in the last battle? For some reason I'm under the impression that he was in the Houses and only Pippin represented the Hobbits. Which reminds me! Did it bother anyone else that Aragorn was almost killed during that last battle? He was about to be massacred by that troll but was saved when the Ring was destroyed. Was this supposed to show that he was losing heart because he thought Arwen was dead or something?

I agree with Brett C. about the whole Gandalf/Witch King scene. I liked that they did more with the Witch King but really. Oh, and I agree with that post a long time ago about how Gandalf needed consoling from Aragorn and how that was not like him at all. I noticed it more in the EE.

I could probably come up with more to say, but I'll leave it at that.


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