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January 6, 2005

Re: Back again

If you really want to know, the whole Aragorn vs. Troll thing was done to cover up stuff they had shot earlier.
I watched the extra stuff and apparently one idea they were messing around with was having Sauron appear as Annatar then turning into Sauron again (as seen in the begining of the Fellowship). If I remember correctly, Aragorn looking at the eye was suppose to be him looking at Annatar. Then he turns into Sauron then ARagorn says 'for Frodo' and charges. Aragorn and Sauron battled etc. Well PJ and the rest decided that really wasn't a good idea so they edited all that out and put a Cavetroll over top of Sauron, thus having Aragorn battle the troll. I guess him getting crushed was because Sauron was gaining the mastery then the ring melted. I must say, as much as I don't like him losing to a dumb troll, I'm glad they at least made it more true to the book.
Oh and for all those who wondered, when Annatar was suppose to appear they got off their horses (for some reason). and that is why they ran to meet the army of orcs and didn't ride to meet them. Namarie!
-Elwind Faerlas ...

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