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January 23, 2005

Too early...
Bob Praz

For now, itís still very early to be looking forward to any adaptation of The Hobbit. PJ and all of the cast members that would be concerned are all very willing to return to make such a movie, but it may yet be a while. Apparently the conflict for the distribution rights of The Hobbit may not have been as bad as it was rumoured, but it still has to get done. Even then, as The Bruce said, PJ is doing Lovely Bones after doing King Kong, and after that who knows. So chances are it will be done, but no one can yet predict when.

Iíve always been sceptical, though, towards a Hobbit movie being made now that LOTR has already been done with grand success. Of course I would personally love it, but it could never live up to LOTR, and I wonder whether it might be publicly perceived as just another less-than-great prequel made to exploit the market potential; sort of like the Star Wars movies. Therefore, in a way, I think it might be best to just leave Middle-Earth with only the LOTR trilogy. Although maybe Iím just being picky or overly concerned. Either way, PJ said that he might do it as mini-series for TV instead (ironically, LOTR was more suited for a mini-series while The Hobbit is best suited for a movie).

Anyhow, good day/night/evening/morning/afternoon.

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