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January 29, 2005

Hobbit Concerns

While I look forward, like the rest of you, to a movie adapatation of "The Hobbit", it seems to me that Peter Jackson would not be the best choice to direct said adaptation. His specialty seems to be in dealing with the dark might of evil and the weak side of human nature. This was very apparent in the LotR movies, especially when compared with the book. This is certainly a justifiable, if incomplete treatment of LotR, but it doesn't fit well with "The Hobbit", which is, on the whole, a much lighter tale. There is ceratinly plenty of action and suspense in "The Hobbit", but it lacks the sort of dark forboding the PJ exploited and magnified to great effect (even if it came at the expense of the protagonists). For lack of a better comparison, "The Hobbit" is more "Star Wars" than "The Emire Strikes Back", and this, I think, will cause any movie adaptation of "The Hobbit" done by Peter Jackson to suffer.

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