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January 31, 2005

I don't know Everett...

Peter Jackson may have a thing for the dark might of evil and the weakness of humanity, but LOTR was pretty dark. I mean, the fate of the world was only hanging by an elvish chain on a hobbits neck. And, in the book, man was weak, well to an extent. Look at Boromir, the desire for the ring drove him mad. Look at Denethor, at the end he cracked like cheap linoleum! Now, I think Pete Jackson did hack and whack the book a bit more than he really had to, but I think he, or anyone with sense, would do alright with the Hobbit if they went by the book. With LOTr you had to edit all over the place just so the movies didn't take three days to watch. The Hobbit is short enough where you barely have to edit anything. The Director isn't what is going to worry me, what is how old the actors will be. Namarie!
-Faerlas Elwind etc.

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