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February 3, 2005

The Hobbit

'Scuze me for butting in about filming The Hobbit. The book is alot lighter in mood than the LOTRs. What I'd like to see is a less childish approach to filming The Hobbit, than the book itself suggests. Menace can be introduced at times- The Ring, The Necromancers shadow on Mirkwood, perhaps somehow incorporate Gandalfs belief that Bilbo HAD to go with the Thorin n Co. Gandalf wanted Smaug gone, so Sauron would have one less weapon to wield come the War.

A light hearted tale but the gathering clouds of war in the distance.

Two things it must not be...
1) A Disney like kiddies movie... God save us!
2) A Middle-Earth version of "The Phantom Menace", 12 dwarves/Jar Jar Binks.... an evil too great to comprehend. Even Sauron would shudder at this blasphemy.

Still all this is probably never going to happen. I think I'm correct in saying either the Tolkien Society or Family has the Rights to the Book. They will hold onto those Rights tighter than an Orc with a piece of Manflesh.

Anyways better go. See you all later :) Ash Nazg...

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