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February 10, 2005

Silamarillion Mini-Series

I've never really warmed to the idea of a Hobbit movie as much as most (Dwarfs are boring, there's not much genuine excitement to the standard of LOTR and Smaug would be the only highlight).

That said, Annatar's suggestion of a Silmarillion TV series is an inspired idea. I remember falling in love with a Chronicles of Narnia series when I was young that prompted me to read all those books and I would love to see The Silmarillion given similar treatment (but a larger budget, naturally).

This may be off topic for a Tolkien site but does anyone know anything about a His Dark Materials movie / trilogy? I heard rumours that it was going into production over a year ago but I haven't heard anything since.

Anyway, long day at work, must sleep now.


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