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February 14, 2005

I Think It Would Be Cool If...

I think it would be kinda cool if they made the hobbit and had Bilbo narrating it at his 111 birthday to the young hobbits. Perhaps every once and a while, while he's telling it, have someone interupt him or something like that. I think that would kind of help take away from the monotony of the Dwarves, like have a young hobbit ask a question. If they did this they could leave in some of the narration Tolkien has in the book. *sigh* unfortunatly, no one that has any say in these things ever reads our ideas!
-Faerlas Elwind
P.S. Any NHL fans out there? If so, what do you think of this whole lock out thing? (I know, I know, very far from usual topics, but I can't help but ask!) GO WINGS!

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