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February 26, 2005

Bilbo, Michigan, Wings, and Things
shire squire

In response to Faerlas' posting the other day I have some responses. First off I love the idea of a Bilbo narrated Hobbit movie. And in quick response to G. You said that the only thing that would be moderately exciting in the Hobbit would be smaug?!?! How about Beorn, Riddles in the dark, and the battle of five armies, for crying out loud. WHEN the movie is made it will be great.
Back to Faerlas' comments. I'm a HUGE Hockey fan having grown up in the Detroit area Iím a die hard...well...NEVER-DIE red wings fan. Are you from Michigan?(I know, I know Iím veering from the selected content on the site, but so what. everyone else does it, why can't I?). Anyway, Iím ticked about the hockey strike. I need my hockey or Iím not stable.
In conclusion, Bilbo narrated ďHobbitĒ good, Hockey strike bad, Red Wings great.

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