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March 2, 2005

Smash 'em Nab 'em Grab 'em

Faerlas you will be pleased to hear, yes Rugby is far more fluid in game play than American Football. 'Course you do get awful games at times but thats the way of things with all sports. But its the constant pressure, the watching, the drives, the darting runs that break through, the selling of dummies, the reverse passes...
Once upon a time I tried watching American Football, I nearly cried... they played for 5 seconds then stood around for 10 minutes, played for 5 seconds, stood and scratched for another 10 minutes.
Why Oh Why do Americans love American footy?!? Stop start play by boys who need padding and helmets (might break a nail). Rugby men need no such things.
The 6 Nations are Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy.
Rugby and soccer are the best. Even if they are a little too dainty in Soccer, but the skill... ahhh! World Cup 98... Zidane dancing through the defenders. It was beautiful,gliding through, a pirouette/turn and bam in the net!

See you all later :) Ash Nazg...

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