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March 5, 2005


Well, I'm not familiar with the word "narked", but judging from context, no, I am not especially narked. I just like descriptions to be extreme, so I suppose when I give a description that is negetive in tone, it gives the impression that I'm narked.

And why I ever brought up the word "liberal", I don't know. We'll be fortunate if another political discussion doesn't cover all the forum in a fifteenth darkness.

And speaking of political discussion--Annatar, isn't it better to be right, no matter whether it takes you to one extreme or the other? If liberal philosophy is correct, be a liberal. If conservative, be conservative. Or, better yet, take the best of both worlds, whether such opinions are extreme or moderate.

And I never thought you would complain that power corrupts. You are, after all, the incorruptable Sauron the great...


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